Battersea United Charities combines and administers charities and funds that constitute a majority of old bequests and trusts set up by women and men from, or connected to the old Parish of St Mary's Battersea, and later the Metropolitan Borough of Battersea. The charities'  focus is on education and the relief of poverty. Most of our benefactors' names are painted around the gallery inside St Mary's Church. The oldest of the charities dates from 1641 and was established by a bequest from Henry Smith whose will appointed income from his Kempsing and Clayhall Estate to be paid to the Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor of the parish of Battersea.

In 1938 these old trusts, some very small, were united under a single  structure and set of Trustees, by a Scheme for the Regulation of the Battersea Charities, made by the Charity Commissioners and varied by the Minister for Education in 1961. Since 1938, some additional charities have been joined to the original charities and governed by the same set of Trustees. All of the charities are now linked with the original charity - Battersea United Charities (No.247377).

With the exception of the Pettaugh Centre charity, all beneficiaries must be resident within the bounds of the old Parish and Metropolitan Borough of Battersea. The Pettaugh Centre charity helps beneficiaries who attend Battersea Schools, even though they may live in another Borough.

For more information about each charity's focus visit this page.

Current Trustees:​  

Philip Beddows (Chair),  Stephen Willmett (Clerk), Caroline Usher (Vice Chair),  Tim Woods (Treasurer),  Kate Sutcliffe,  Pamela O'Reilly,  Peter Barnshaw,  Sven Tester,  Tessa Strickland,  Tony Belton,  Canon Simon Butler - ex Officio (as Vicar of St. Mary's Battersea).

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Above: John Banks, benefactor; Citizen and Haberdasher of the City of London.

serving the people of battersea since 1641

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Above: St Mary's Battersea, on the river